“Gender pay equality – who cares?” - International Conference in Budapest october 9, 2012

“Gender pay equality – who cares?”

 Closing the gender pay gap in the Visegrád countries

The elimination of the widespread inequality between women’s and men’s wages and salaries has been a long-standing goal in the European Union, which has also had an impact in the Visegrád region through legislation and some influence on employment practices. Regrettably, however, the gender pay gap has continued to exist, especially in certain employment areas, despite the positive tendencies. The more rigid gender roles, horizontal and vertical segregation of women and men in the labour market, and parental leave policies are some of the factors that have contributed to the gender pay gap in the region. The strategic aim of the conference is to improve the relevant actors’ willingness and capacity to initiate measures aimed at eliminating gender pay gap. We would also like to draw attention to the positive impacts of closing the gender pay gap on economies. The conference will discuss the possibilities of closing the pay gap by bringing together representatives and experts from politics, academia and research institutes, trade unions, employers’ organizations as well as from the NGO sector and media. While the conference’s primary focus is on the Visegrád countries, special attention will be paid to a current legislative proposal on gender pay equality in Germany.



Dorota Szelewa (International Centre for Research and Analysis, Warsaw; University of Southern Denmark):
Measuring gender wage gap: internationally, in the Visegrad countries and in Poland

Endre Sik (TÁRKI Social Research Institute, Budapest), Anna Lovász (Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Budapest):  Debate on the latest research results on gender pay gap in Hungary

Alena Křížková (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague):  Sociological issues: horizontal and vertical segregation, the impact of parental and caring responsibilities, and the role of allowances

Nina Bosničová (Gender Studies o.p.s., Prague):  The role of NGOs – experiences of a Czech NGO in providing expertise aimed at eliminating the gender pay gap

Barbara Stiegler (social scientist, gender expert, Bonn):  Current debates in Germany on legislative measures aimed at realizing gender pay equality



Judith Langowski: Labor Unions’ Initiatives to narrow the Gender Pay Gap in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the Visegrád Countries – A Comparison.