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Foundation for the Women of Hungary

MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary, founded in 1992, is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization based in Budapest. MONA’s mission is to initiate public debates which show the richness of men and women’s roles and equal standing in a democratic society but also reveal unjust inequalities which to this day characterize women’s position in the economic, social and political spheres.

Our aims are: the advancement of gender equality; the promotion of social dialogue between civil society and governmental actors on women’s equal opportunities; awareness-raising and influencing of society –including governmental bodies – in order to improve women’s equal opportunities, the promotion of gender mainstreaming.

MONA’s areas of activity: education and training; publications, research, issuing and dissemination of recommendations on issues regarding women; organization of conferences, meetings and public forums; network-building among domestic and foreign women’s organizations, institutions and networks; initiation of inter-agency cooperation and the improvement of the relevant legislative framework with the purpose of eliminating violence against women.


MONA – Foundation  for the Women of Hungary

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